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        To be healthy is one of the most precious thing in life. In achieving that goal, food play a very important role. Food are made up of macronutrients and micronutrient we human needs. Our body utilize all those nutrients for energy, growth, maintain body function, repair the old and build the new cells. Human need a healthy and balanced diet to stay healthy, and so do other specie including Canine specie. Nowadays, pet parent got used to feed kibble, as it come with many benefits such as, easy to feed, shelf life and cheaper price, however, all those benefits are for human alone, and not for our pet. So what is a healthy food for dogs and cats?


       Chihuahua, Greyhound, Bulldog, Golden Retriever and all the dog breeds there is in this world have the same ancestor, which is grey wolf. Even though each breed looks very different from one another, they have almost exact the same DNA, and so do their nutritional needs. In nature, canine thrive on it prey, and sometime fruit and vegetable. In addition, they usually eat the whole prey, including meat, bone, organs, what’s left inside their prey stomach, and obviously its’ always raw. These foods are their diet by nature, thus it is best to feed our pet as it would eat naturally. This method of feeding is often called B.A.R.F. or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Moreover, there are many benefits from feeding B.A.R.F., for example, stronger teeth, bone, skin, coat, immune system, digestive system, improves many diseases, and promotes overall health, etc. Even though, B.A.R.F. is 100% natural, and without processing, it requires lots of time, and studies, as well as finding trusted source of raw material. 


       BONE AND RAW wanted to share this experience to improve your pet’s health naturally and in the most convenient way for all pet parents. We offer prepared premium B.A.R.F. for dog. To ensure the maximum quality, our products are made from all fresh, all natural, all human grade ingredients, and we do not use any preservatives, grains, or any kind of fillers. Moreover, we added extra ingredients, such as, cold pressed coconut oil, olive oil, and apple cider, etc., which give even more benefits than just raw diet.

Bone and Raw!
BONE AND RAW, บาร์ฟ, barf, b.a.r.f., thailand, อาหารสด, อาหารดิบ, อาหารหมา, อาหารสุนัข, Raw Feedig Benefits
BONE AND RAW, บาร์ฟ, barf, b.a.r.f., thailand, อาหารสด, อาหารดิบ, อาหารหมา, อาหารสุนัข, Raw Feedig Benefits
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